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We are what we repeatedly do; excellence, then, is not an act but a habit.”                                                                                                                   - Aristotle

blue Capital & Financial Services Pvt Ltd undertakes stock broking and consultancy services in various sectors.

    Usually it is assumed that trading in stock markets is equal to gambling where no fixed returns can be assured, which we believe is wrong!!!! The Market might turn uncertain & volatile, both, economically and politically; A Trader's or Investor's Best friend is the trend and worst enemy is the fact that it is uncertain. Investors and Traders deserve some professional guidance to steer them clear off the frequent outcomes of uncertainties.

Did you know?
• An average Indian investor invests roughly 85% of his investments into fixed deposit instruments which give him only 6-10% returns
• An average Equity Mutual Fund investment has given 22% tax-free return for the last 10 years while Fixed Deposits have given only 8-10% during the tenure.
As per the latest RBI report (2010-11), an average Indian saves approximately Rs 32 out of Rs 100 which is one of the highest in the world and we are really proud of this distinction. However, when it comes to investing the same money at the right place, unfortunately we are far behind which is a cause of concern. Around 70% of the household money is lying in Bank deposits, Post Office schemes or low yielding insurance policies, earning a paltry post-tax return. Less than 3% of the household investment is channelized into the capital market instruments which is clearly a long term viable investment vehicle.

That is where “blue” comes into picture providing you with solutions to make your life easy. Our strategies provide you the directions to help you secure the future of your money. The relentless and consistent interactions and advice from our experts assure you the right value for your money in the complex world of financial services.

Colour blue stands for profits in stock markets. We treat client’s portfolios at par with our own investments. Our recommendations are thoroughly researched so as to deliver best possible returns. A specialized and able team of stock market analysts of blue, mix market psychology with rigorous technical analysis to provide the finest stock market and financial advice that are nothing less than being termed as the Best in Business.
At blue, we endeavour to provide invaluable service to clients and differentiate ourselves from our competitors by offering an attitude of cooperation and unparalleled industry experience. We are committed to bringing our clients the most cutting-edge information and ideas. With our finest advice and professional guidance before and after your investment, you will be one step closer to fulfilling your financial goals.
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