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Consultancy - Commodity

blue offers offline trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience and hassle free trading experience through our association with SMC Global Securities Ltd.

There is a growing interest among investors in commodities, which as an asset class can offer opportunities to fine-tune a portfolio’s risk and return characteristics. The commodities asset class has experienced strong growth in recent years. The low correlation to financial assets, equity-type returns and risk characteristics offered by commodities offer investors a means to diversify their portfolios. blue offers one of the best trading solutions to individual clients wanting to trade in commodities through its tie-up with SMC Global Securities Ltd, one of India’s leading broker. This association enables client to trade in any commodity futures, listed on the national commodity exchanges, with a slew of value-added services attached to it at no extra cost.

Investors who always wanted to diversify their portfolio and invest into a different Asset, Commodity trading brings them a world of opportunities to invest into a different asset class altogether. Indian markets have adapted to the challenges of modern world with the growing power of internet business and thus offering Indian investors to participate in a different kind of Asset Class.

Commodity trading opens a new avenue to investors who wanted to get rid of the traditional investments in Equity, Bonds and Real estate.

Value adds:
1. SMS services for research advice
2. Regular news and updates on market through emails
3. Risk management strategies
4. Access your ledger balances and account information over internet and at the branch help desk.

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