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Stock Broking

blue offers Broking with professional consultancy. It provides assistance with broking theories, strategies, trend analysis & most importantly risk managements with complete safety of returns.

Investment in equity market though looks very attractive, consists of a lot of risk. Its only at blue that complete risk management is secured without surrendering to Market panics and still assuring better returns with the help of systematic technical & fundamental consultancy research..

blue being a sub-broker has its association from "SMC Global Securities Ltd." which is the most trusted in this field.

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Benefits at blue:

● Works towards complete safety & profitable returns of its members.
● For members who aren’t much aware of markets. Our consultants offer complete assistance & allocate funds
     depending on your investment requirement.
● Our advisers are always ready to help. May it be the smallest Query "We stand at your service".
● Both fundamental & technical analysis are considered, to analyse the trend, which can be done only by professional
     knowledge & experience.
● Provides competitive brokerage.
● Works for values, not volumes.


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