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Consultancy - Futures & options

blue offers offline trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience and hassle free trading experience through our association with SMC Global Securities Ltd.

For investors who are regular into investing, have knowledge of the market activities and the risks involved but do not wish to restrict themselves to pure equity investments; FNO trading brings a great opportunity to invest in equities indirectly.

Unlike pure equity investments, you can take positions in a Futures / Options contract and that too for a relatively small amount of margin money. In FNO trading, you can get a larger exposure for a small margin amount.

FNO trading gives you an edge over equity trading where you have more opportunities to cash in on the market fluctuations either on a stock or on an index. FNO trading gives you the freedom to trade over an Index movement also which is not the case with Equity Trading.

1. Margin intraday square off
2. Carry-forward positions

Value Adds :
1. Stock collateral benefits
2. Digital Contract Notes
3. Research calls through multiple channels
4. Phone trade
5. Personal Investment Advisory

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