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Consultancy - Currency

blue offers offline trading facilities for investors who are looking for the ease and convenience and hassle free trading experience through our association with SMC Global Securities Ltd.

Till recent times, the currency market was open to only people who regularly imported and exported goods. Only genuine importers and exporters were allowed to exchange currencies to cater to their business needs. Currency market has always been a closely monitored and regulated market place. The RBI and the SEBI jointly regulate the currency markets.
However, the market is now open to all whether they are corporate or individual with or without any underlying exposure. Another plus point being that there is no delivery, it is all cash settled. The market is opened to the general public without any real exposure in the FOREX market

Value adds:
1. SMS services for research advice
2. Regular news and updates on market through emails
3. Risk management strategies .
4. Access your ledger balances and account information over internet and at the branch help desk.

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