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blue Capital & Financial Service Pvt Ltd is a commercial organization set up to guide the common investors in the stock market and financial decision making. It is an organization where you get the knowledge of the fundamentals of a business you are investing in. Our main purpose at blue is to make the process of trading and investing in capital markets, simpler and safer for investors.

Usually it is assumed that trading in stock markets is RISKY & dependent on luck where no fixed returns can be assured, which we believe is partially wrong!!! At "blue" we constantly keep a track on market movements, use technical and fundamental approach of analysis, handle the risk factor and manage portfolio with profitable returns. Yes!!!!! U read it right. Now the one dealing with us can deal with minimum risk and maximum knowledge.

Deal blue, which means profits in terms of capital markets.

blue holds itself significantly different when compared to other broking & consulting firms with respect to its years of experience and personalised service in the field of capital markets.
We firmly believe that “every client is unique & every plan has to be unique”. We strive to be the client’s most trusted advisor with their transparent dealings, focused on clients primary interests and the changing trends of the complex financial world.
Integrity for us means being unbiased by distorted incentives and being independent in our analysis and ecommendations. Unlike several other distribution channels, we are not affiliated to a particular fund house, bank or insurance company. This enables us to take an independent view that is best for our clients.

At the pinnacle of our edge, lies our focus on the client. We believe in understanding your needs and then recommending a suitable strategy for portfolio. Our recommendations are entirely client specific.
We strongly believe in the following principles which help us in pursuing our goals
• We keep our clients interest first before ours while imparting advice.
• We strive in helping our clients achieve their financial goals and dreams.
• We offer advice that is independent of any financial intermediaries but is backed by strong research.
• We ensure confidentiality of client data and information
• We understand each of our client's unique needs, values and goals & leave no stone unturned in our endeavour to
   make them come true.
• We work closely with our clients and educate them during the Planning process so that they are empowered to make
   smart decisions about their money.
• We strive to be readily available to provide information and assistance to our clients and respond speedily and promptly
   to client requests.
• We work closely with our Expert Advisory Network to systematically provide creative solutions to our clients' financial

Benefits of blue
● Safe investments in fundamentally strong scrip’s.
● Personalized investment guidance.
● Regular research reports in a simplified way.
● Complete control over the investments without operational involvement.
● Minimum consultancy cost.

Motto at blue
● Personal service rather than professional one
● Knowledge is our character.
● Quality returns over a period of time rather than quantity losses overnight.

Our motto is blue ... better let u earn

If u do what you've always done, you will get what you have always got.
To achieve something
You have never achieved before,
You must do something
You have never done before .!
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