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Consultancy - Accounting & Taxation

Your Needs:
Planning for the long term growth and conservation of your wealth requires well-planned and clearly laid-down strategies. These strategies need to focus on each aspect of your financial affair viz. income, tax issues, insurance, retirement benefits and liquidity position at a given point of time. Your chief objective of getting an optimized return on your wealth is our destination.

Tax Planning:
Our tax planning approach is flexible and gives emphasis on delivering value-added services. Our Working Philosophy is to gain and maintain an in-depth understanding of our client's business, so as to evaluate the risks and opportunities. For our clients, we devise simple solutions for complicated tax issues. This is done with the objective of meeting all the expectations of the client. Thus, our tax planning approach not only aims at reducing the tax liabilities for our clients in line with statutory compliance but also focuses on keeping the taxation structure more transparent and streamlined.

Personal Tax & Financial Services:
These are the areas of our expertise that focus on the needs of individuals and families. We offer advice and guidance on issues ranging from various investment aspects to retirement benefits.
In today's world, financial planning requires a multifaceted approach to address the investment objectives, tax incidences, cash flows, asset protection and retirement benefits plans. Thus, as a whole, an objective analysis of the financial goals coupled with the clear-cut strategies of achieving these goals, is what the clients require.

We offer assistance in the following:
● Investment planning
● Tax planning for investments
● NRI investments
● Retirement benefits planning
● And a host of other value-added personal financial services

Private Client Services:
We offer professional customized financial services to individuals. With the objective of providing wealth maximization to our clients on their various sources of earnings, we design a tailor-made strategy for each client in accordance with his earning capacity.

What We Do:
Our professional approaches the high worth individuals, taking into consideration their sources of income, wealth generation, future objectives and investment strategy, which can bring them quick benefits and returns. Thus, our personal financial services are inclined towards client's wealth generation and most importantly, wealth protection.

Our over all tax approach focuses at working in close network with the management to define and customize the tax approach in accordance with the client's particular needs and benefits.

We focus at :
● Understanding the business vision of the client's organization
● Delivering value added services
● Designing the best tax-structure for our clients, in compliance with the statutory regulations
● Getting tax services streamlined for our clients
● Innovative ideas which are practical and can be systematically implemented
● Minimization of risks resulting in higher financial stability
● Tax planning opportunities for clients
● Tax Representation

The value we offer:
Unlike many advisers, we are very objective and practical in our approach. Our services are fee based, with no personal interest in the clients' mode of operations. We work to maximize their wealth generation and protection in a scheduled manner.

We have the capability of providing all professional assistance to our clients on issues where expertise comes into the picture viz. investment decisions, tax issues as well as accounting for it.

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